Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jacob and Luke...

Jacob and Luke loved to dress up from the time they could walk. They always have some extra thing on pretending to be an animal when they were younger and progressing to superheroes, police, firemen, military officers, detectives....you get the idea. I guess being together again sparked a dress up overload and this is what they came up with. Meet Miss Kiki (Jacob) and Miss Mary (Luke). Sorry Rob it had to go on the blog.


I thought I would post pics of some of our visitors we've had lately. (How did I miss Wesley?)

Adrienne Macady and Andrew


Macady, Adrienne, and Alex



Sariah and Jacob



Kylie and Jordan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School!

First Day of School!

I can't believe school has started already. I guess it's just Noah and I now. I took alot of pictures so I'm just going to add a slideshow to fit in all of them.

Noah's Haircut

Noah got his hair cut. I wish you could see his curls in the back on the "before" picture. He doesn't look much different in these pictures but in person he looks so much older. My baby's growing too fast. Thanks to my cousin once removed (haha) Randi! I don't know how she did it so well with all his wiggling.

End of Summer...

We had several occurrences to officially end summer that I still haven't had time to blog. Nichelle came home with us. It was really fun to have her here. She fit right in with the other kids. She and Cole acted just like siblings. They would have so much fun together then in the next moment would start into some argument. I was glad she came. We had a great ward picnic. It was in Pine Valley. I love Pine Valley. One day I'm going to have a cabin there and I'll escape to the mountains at least 4 weeks of the summer. Alex and Adrienne came to stay. He was here on his birthday so we had a barbecue with the Rainey's and all their family (I forgot to take pictures!). And for one last hurrah before school started I spoke in sacrament, which I ended up loving (who would've thought I could actually enjoy something like that).

Here are some Random pictures to go along with these activities.