Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny kids...

My kids are so funny. I decided to do a post with snippets of funny things they've said/done recently.

The other day when I was driving with Ashley in the car she was texting. Then my phone received a text so I picked it up to read it. It was from Ashley and said "stole your phone spot". I looked down and there was her phone in the cup holder where I usually keep mine.

A few days ago we were driving away from school and I caught a glance of their principal and said (sort of to myself), I wish my butt looked like Mrs. ______'s. Cole then said "now I need therapy".

At dinner we usually tell our favorite part of the day. That evening Cole had been in time out for fighting with his sister (I know he seems a little old but in this case it was effective). He was complaining for a great length of time about how he didn't deserve it. Then Luke said "let's tell our favorite part of being in time out. Cole you go first." Cole was the only one that didn't think it was funny.

Sage occasionally makes it to school in strange wardrobing flaws. For example 2 legs in one leg of a skort, or 2 dresses with the dress underneath hanging below. Of course I somehow managed not to notice until she gets home from school. Who knows what her teacher is thinking when this happens. I should have taken pictures.

As I was standing at the top of the stairs one day, Noah was at the bottom. He looked up at me, held his arms wide open and said "Jump Mommy!"