Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spirit Week

The kids have spirit week at school. One of the days was flashback day where they picked a decade and dressed in a style from that decade.

Sage: 70's, Luke: 80's, Cole: 40's (we were going for a Frank Sinatra look), Ashley 60's (specifically Penny from Hairspray)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I only took a couple of pictures at Thanksgiving because my batteries were almost dead. We had a great time! We even had some fun cousin rivalry watching the BYU/Utah game.

Sage, Vienna, & Dylan

Dalhn & Aryanna

Nan, Ashley, Jordyn, & Luke

Cole & Spencer (It was supposed to be a picture of Dave and Spencer but Cole sort of botched that)

Luke, Carson & Cole in front. Sage, Ashley, & Nichelle in back

Noah and Bronson

Spencer and Ashley peeling potatoes

Cole's Priesthood Ordination

Cole is now a deacon! It's so fun watching him pass the sacrament. He and Ashley also did Baptisms for the dead and were both able to do baptisms for ancestors! What an exciting time in our lives. In the pictures are Cole with both sets of Rob's parents. Hans Wilkes, Don Riding, Labretta Wilkes and Pam Riding.