Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break!

Rob's week altering for working in Salt Lake worked out perfectly so he could be home for Spring break. It rained most of the week so the kids spent a lot of time indoors just being lazy with only minimal yard time and park time.

The Girls played on the computer

Cole got my old phone as a reward for bringing up his grades so he spent a lot of Spring break texting like crazy

Finally at the end of Spring break Lane and Brianna came over to play.


This is really late because I lost my camera. Not that I tried especially hard to find it but that's my excuse. When I did find it the pictures I took at Christmas were gone so I'm posting this one I took just before Christmas. We had a great Christmas of course. Thank you for all the amazing gifts everyone! This picture was taken after we made a gingerbread house that quickly fell apart.