Thursday, November 4, 2010


Cole Was a box...doesn't he wear it well? :)

Ashley and her friend Sarah are Pride and Prejudice Characters

Sage is a vampire. I want to say she's a sarcastic vampire because she's doing air quotes but I think it's supposed to actually be a scary hand gesture suggestive of fangs.

Luke was a Clone Trooper, he was excited we got the deluxe costume days before Halloween on a clearance sale so he didn't have to wear another nylon painted jumpsuit. He'll wear this costume around the house all year long for years.

Noah the policeman

Carving pumpkins! Sage and Luke carved theirs completely by themselves this year.

After I cleaned out Noah's pumpkin he "helped" by taking all the pumpkin innards out of the bowl I'd put them in and put them back in his pumpkin. I don't understand the tongue thing he does every time I take his picture now.

Ashley and I won tickets to Thriller! It was so fun. This is Ashley with the clown and one of the Jason guys.

Grandma Ruby was here for Halloween too. We had a lot of fun with her. I should have taken a picture!