Friday, December 10, 2010


We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year.

Here is Cole at Grandma Ruby's where we stayed

Noah having a helping of Cheez It's at Grandma Wilkes' house where we watched the football games.

This is "the barn" at Uncle Alvin's where every meal is served from Wednesday night through Saturday morning

Most of "the crew" that take upon themselves the work of every meal

Cole is always the first in line...not one to waste time he's also checking facebook updates

It's tradition to get the chicken coop picture even if I can only get 2 kids there because the others are to busy mingling with cousins.

Luke and Sage dressed up as pilgrims for school

It's unfortunate I didn't get a picture of Ashley and her cousin Karina with the German exchange student that they held in such high esteem. Rob and Cole enjoyed defeating him in basketball.