Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two "out there" comments....

Last night Rob took the kids to the dollar movie for family home evening. When they got back Ashley announced to me that she was going to be "normal". She said "I'm not going to collect penguins or sheep anymore and I'm not going to be hyper or annoying." (I admit I was sad at this announcement). Then she added "Oh and I like horses now." I have no idea where this all came from. She hasn't done much different today except wearing a little make-up when, before today, she never did. Rob hypothesized that maybe it was because the kids sitting next to her in the movie were really obnoxious, but who knows.

The next comment came from Luke. He came up to me today and asked "When am I old enough to say crap?" Haha. I love kids.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Just wanted to post some Easter pictures. On Saturday we went to the Bloomington Easter egg hunt then went home and colored eggs. On Sunday we went to church. Dean, Kristina, Spencer, and Carson came to church with us then came to dinner after. It was nice. I should explain why Luke looks so weird. He claimed to be freezing though it was 60+ degrees. Ashley and Noah are noticeably absent because they are too young and too old to participate in the hunts.

She speaks!

Ashley gave her first talk in sacrament meeting today. She did an amazing job! I'm so proud of her. I was surprised at how relaxed she was about the whole thing. Maybe she just hid it well but she only seemed a little nervous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My own "Idol" Look-Alike...

It's true. Noah's naturally hip. I don't know who watches American Idol. I'm personally addicted. There's a contestant in the top 12 (technically 11 and as of tonight it will be 10) who's name is David Cook. The first time I saw him try out I said "Hey he has Noah's hair!" That's it, right down to the tuft sticking up in the back. I finally decided I needed a picture comparison for the blog so here it is. They usually look even more similar but I didn't want to look through David Cook pictures all day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Flashback Friday...

I'm posting 2 pictures this week for Flashback Friday. The first picture I'm posting because I happened to be talking to Stephanie when she was choosing her flashback picture. She told me which one she chose and I have the same one of me so I thought it would be fun if we both posted them. This is from 9th grade Indian Hills when we first became friends. Notice the massive blue satin bow on the back of my head. And what did I match it to....? The logo on my shirt. Very sad.
The second picture is a baby picture of me at 6 months old that I thought would be fun to throw in.

The Great Living Room Takeover...

Ashley had a sleepover last night and they made a fort in the living room. It's not the first time they've done this but I wanted to blog it for future viewing. Rob hates the fort occurrences so it's a good thing he was out of town for this especially messy one.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chardell's 100

1. My first name (Lara) resulted from my Dad's adoration of the character in Dr. Schivago.
2. I love to run but haven't been able to do so in 8 years.
3. I used to have very thick hair but prefer my new thinner version.
4. I also preferred my thinner body but that's a distant memory.
5. I read all the way through the Book of Mormon during Pres. Hinckley's challenge. I tried to do the same thing with the Bible and just couldn't make it. I'm back to the Book of Mormon now.
6. I remember the phone numbers and birthdays of my friends from elementary school.
7. When we got married my husband was 29 and I was 18.
8. Ninety percent of the time my house looks like a natural disaster hit it.
9. I've baked bread every Saturday for the last 6 weeks.
10. My highest priority educational goal is to speak Spanish fluently.
11. I never thought I would have 5 kids.
12. Some of my kids inherited mine and Rob's sense of humor. Therefore it's hard to be mad when Ashley convinces me she saw a homeless man sleeping in the backyard and I believe her and freak out.
13. My 12 year old daughter is my best friend.
14. I drink hot chocolate when it's 110 degrees outside.
15. I love dogs but won't get one because my husband is too paranoid about everything involving owning a dog. It's just not worth it.
16. I cry easily, which entails tears about once a week.
17. In my opinion, I am NOT a "pretty" crier.
18. I don't like watching movies multiple times.
19. I'd much rather read a book than watch a movie.
20. I've been in the primary presidency twice but have never taught a primary class.
21. I've always wanted to learn sign language.
22. Reading my ebay feedback makes me feel better about myself.
23. I've been pulled over 4 times but have never had a ticket (I've never tried to talk them out of giving me a ticket. The "force" must be strong with me.).
24. I'm still afraid of the dark.
25. I watched soap operas when I was on bed rest with my second baby. As a result that baby is named after a soap opera character.
26. I'm torn whether or not to have cosmetic surgery some day.
27. I can touch my tongue to my nose.
28. Most of the foods I despised as a kid are now my favorite foods.
29. I was born on my Grandma's birthday.
30. I believe we could all read each other's minds if we could remember how.
31. I believe in life on other planets.
32. I only let my kids watch Christmas movies Between Nov. 1st and Dec. 31st.
33. I hate the desert but I've never been happier living anywhere else.
34. I'm obsessed with worry over what other people think of me. (you wouldn't think so if you saw me during my occasional early morning jaunt to Wal-Mart).
35. I never really liked kids until I had my own. Now I love all kids.
36. It's pretty difficult to offend me.
37. I'm thankful I've stayed friends with so many people despite my many moves. But more importantly I'm thankful they stayed friends with me.
38. I wish David Archuleta could be my son-in-law some day. I should have had them sign a betrothal agreement of some kind when I was his mom's visiting teacher. (I have to embarrass Ashley somewhere in here right?).
39. I make derogatory comments about myself that make people laugh but then feel uncomfortable for laughing.
40. I miss camping but not enough to force Rob out of his comfort zone to do it.
41. My favorite T.V. show is Bones with House and The Office tied for second.
42. I used to be more spiritual than my husband but now he has far surpassed me (I always knew he would).
43. As a kid I would make it to the finals in the spelling bee but then purposely spell a word wrong before it got to the point where I would have to stand up in front of a huge group of people. (this looks like a copy from Abi's 100 but I swear it was in here before I read hers).
44. I despise doing dishes but I go nuts when someone else in the family does them and doesn't do them like I do.
45. Halloween is my favorite holiday (this one I completely copied already knowing it was on Betsy's list).
46. I'm one of those few people who really love their mother-in-law.
47. I actually enjoy talking to myself.
48. I have a really bad habit of calling people in other cars names like idiot and moron.
49. I always feel really guilty afterward even though they couldn't hear me.
50. I tend to be insecure at times (see 43).
51. I love having babies but despise being pregnant.
52. I prefer candy bars frozen.
53. As a kid I had a horse collection. One horse broke multiple times and I still took it on vacations with me without its legs.
54. In Middle School I was in a singing group that performed at Lagoon and various gatherings of elderly people. (I'm told Stephanie has a video of my horrific solo I had to do when Camille was sick).
55. My testimony can be overwhelming. I don't have the grace to contain the things I feel and therefore turn into a blubbering freak so often.
56. I've never broken a bone....oh wait... can't use that one anymore.
57. Once when working at Target someone asked if anyone knew sign language that could help a deaf customer. I said I did. Then I proceeded to annoy the poor customer when they realized I could only do the alphabet. They finally just took out paper and wrote down what they wanted.
58. I've only been skiing once and vowed then and there never to do it again.
59. I'm very good at crocheting and can crochet any pattern I'm given.
60. I love to multi-task. I have to read or work on the computer while eating lunch.
61. I don't consider hell a swear word but choose not to use it at church just in case.
62. I've never liked swimming. The act of swimming itself isn't bad. I just don't like sitting around in a swimsuit waiting to dry.
63. I've always wanted to live in the pacific northwest but not enough to move there without a really good reason.
64. I could be happy with days and days of rain.
65. My first CD was a Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand CD I inadvertently stole from my Dad (sorry Dad). I didn't know who they were at the time I just knew I loved the cheesy duets.
66. Number 65 is my most embarrassing item so far.
67. I love those dreams where you dream your falling and wake up, which is a little weird because I'm afraid of heights.
68. I hate it when my kids sleep over at someones house. I miss them every second they're gone.
69. I have a high tolerance for pain. I probably developed it from hiding pain from my mom so I wouldn't have to go to the doctor.
70. I love the taste and smell of NyQuil (the green one of course, the red/orange one is nasty).
71. I rarely take NyQuil because it worries me a little that I like it so much.
72. I'm the descendant of an illegitimate son of the King of England (his mother was a maid).
73. I'm also some part Native American (or is the preferred term "American Indian" now?)
74. Eating meat off the bone makes me gag (some "Indian" I would have made).
75. I find self help books nearly impossible to get through without being bored out of my mind.
76. I could watch animal shows all day.
77. I'm way over thinking this list.
78. I've always wanted to be able to sing well. Okay not just well but great.
79. When I lived by my sister we loved reading so much we would buy a bunch of snacks and have a read-a-thon at one of our houses.
80. I wish I still had time for read-a-thons but I'll have to settle for a few minutes a day.
81. I volunteered at my daughter's school when they dissected squids because all the other mom's were too squeamish.
82. I'm addicted to text messaging and have now converted my mom.
83. I hate the way I talk. I think I sound like Sylvester the cat.
84. I miss McDonald's Southwest salad.
85. I'm getting desperate for things to add to this list and it's pretty obvious.
86. I started this list on February 23.
87. I only had one Barbie as a kid. My sister chewed her face.
88. When I had my own daughter I more than made up for it by buying Barbie's on a regular basis.
89. I just remembered I have sharing time tomorrow so I can't finish this list tonight!!!
90. I trust strangers almost to a fault.
91. I used to think vehicular homicide meant a really vicious murder. I didn't put together the vehicle part until about 5 years ago. (I can't believe I just admitted that to so many people).
92. I talk in my sleep.
93. It freaks me out when my kids talk in their sleep.
94. I have to send Rob in to comfort Luke when he wakes up. The things Luke sees and dreams scare me too much and then we're both scared and feeding off each other's fear.
95. I don't go on trips without my husband. The only time I have is for both of my Grandpas' funerals.
96. When I'm in the mountains I feel elation, contentment, confidence, and belonging.
97. I've never liked Saturdays.
98. Sunday has recently become my favorite day.
99. I don't like change but adjust well to it anyway.
100. Some of my happiest moments have been seeing evidence of how much my kids love each other.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here is my first flashback picture. I couldn't find my high school dance pictures. I really wanted to add the one of Abi and I at prom, especially after she mentioned prom in her 100 list (maybe next week). In this picture I think Stephanie is giving me one of those quiz things we always took at that age. I'm not sure but that's what it looks like. That also must have been one of those days when I braided her hair. I don't know who took the picture but it was probably Abi or Carrie. I'm appalled that I was using my scriptures as a coaster. At least they appear used. So it can't be all bad right?

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Noah LOVES to play with any kind of ball. His favorites are the small basketballs Cole uses for his indoor hoop because they're the perfect size for him. He would play ball all day if he could but there isn't always a willing participant to throw the ball back to him. Yesterday he figured out if he throws the ball at furniture or the wall it will bounce off and roll back. Now that's what he does if there isn't the option of another person. What a smart baby!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Techie Kid...

Yesterday Sage asked me which hand was her left and which was her right. I told her which was which and was trying to figure out the best trick to teach her to help her remember. Then she said, "Oh my right hand is the one that uses the mouse". It's funny she associated it with using a mouse instead of writing, drawing, or eating. Hmmmm, wonder what she does more often?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Empathy for Mom...

Rob was in Vegas last night so I was home alone. I was talking to my mom on the phone and said "That's weird. My motion light in the front yard just went on." It didn't even warrant mentioning though because it goes on all the time. But it was enough to get my mom all worried about me being here alone. When I hung up I shook my head thinking it was so silly for my mom to worry. Then I started obsessing about Ashley babysitting 2 doors away from my house. I didn't know a number where I could reach her because the family only uses cell phones and I didn't know which one (if any) they had left with her. I pictured her there terrified not knowing what to do and finally walked over to assess the situation. Ashley answered the door with a look on her face that said "What are you doing here? Are you insane?" And I immediately came to the conclusion my mom isn't silly at all. In fact she's less paranoid than I am because my daughter was only 2 doors away and perfectly fine. Mom- No break ins last night. We're all fine. I love you!