Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Anniversary!

I copied this idea from another blog and would love to give them credit but I can't remember which one so if you're reading this and you've done this same thing then it was probably you. I'm listing what happened in each of the 14 years Rob and I have been together. Happy anniversary Rob! I love you more every day.

1. We lived downtown Salt Lake. Rob was a Realtor and I worked for Ming Intl. We walked all over downtown for fun and at night we would lay in bed and listen to various homeless people arguing. It was very entertaining.

2. Ashley was born! Rob worked for a juvenile detention center.

3. Rob decided to go back to school. We moved to Cedar City where Rob attended SUU.

4. Cole was born! Rob finished undergrad .

5. We moved to Virginia so Rob could attend University of Richmond Law School. I started working for Target.

6. Luke was born! We moved to California where Rob was offered a scholarship and Western State University Law School.

7. We continued through law school and stayed in Fullerton, CA for 2 years. I especially loved serving as primary presidency. What a great ward that was!

8. We moved to Sandy, UT. Rob transferred to U. of U. Law School. We had so much fun living by family!

9. Sage was born! In order to graduate Rob spent 3 months back in California finishing a class the U didn't offer.

10. Rob graduated law school! We moved back to California for a job offer. I started working for Target again. California was just not working this time.

11. We moved to St. George. I got my real estate license and Rob did mortgages. We moved from a rented townhouse and bought a house in Bloomington.

12. We started sending the kids to a charter school. It's alot more driving but definitely worth it. The real estate market was great and we had never been happier. Rob was called to Elder's quorum presidency. I was called to primary presidency. Having responsibilities has always made us happy.

13. Noah was born! The market crashed. Rob started working on starting a new business while still doing mortgages.

14. We've still never been happier. St. George is definitely where we belong.

That's 14 years of marital bliss! Okay so life isn't always perfect but when you have such a great spouse by your side it feels pretty perfect. I couldn't ask for more!

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
Martin Luther

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ashley's Back!

Ashley's home from girls camp. I survived! She went to Arizona for a week and stayed with my mom for a few days and at Rob's Dad's for a few days. That was easier though because I talked to her every day. She took her cell phone to camp but I knew she wouldn't have service up in the mountains. It's so nice to have her back.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday...

This Flashback Friday is a story I remembered the other day. When we were living in California a man came to the door. He handed me an envelope and said "I saw your daughter put this in the middle of the street. I thought you might want to see it." I thanked him and he left. Inside the envelope was some change (less than a dollar) and a note Ashley wrote that read "I wish I could have a real witch." She was obsessed with the movie "Hocus Pocus" and apparently thought a witch was something you could wish for/buy. Ashley is going to die of embarrassment when she sees this post! This picture is the only one I have handy from that time period.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Arizona Trip....

Visiting Great Grandma Hancock.

There's not many animals left on Grandma's Farm. Especially since they're building a new freeway behind her house. So we had to take a picture by the chickens. I love the chickens.

Noah and his cousin Brooke.

Rob's brother Hans was going to cut the boys hair. He held up the razor to show me which blade he was going to use and said is this okay? I thought he was just asking if it was okay to cut his hair and said "Yeah go ahead". Apparently he was showing me that he was just going to shave it. We were all shocked at first but Cole loves it, especially with all the attention he gets. The "Grandpa" is my nephew, Wyatt. His Dad started out by just shaving the top of his hair, but later shaved it all. It was funny!

Father's Day....

World's Greatest Dad!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flashback Friday (the 13th!)....

This Flashback Friday is all about Rob. I got his mom to send me a bunch of pictures. I'll just post a few for now and save others for future flashbacks. The other little boy in most of the pictures is Rob's older brother Dave.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Robin...

Yesterday I was reading at the table and noticed a robin hopping around grabbing insects (yay Robin!). Then it would hop over to a baby that was on the ground and feed it. I was worried that maybe the baby should go back into a nest but after looking it up on the internet I learned that they leave the nest at this point (fledgling) but still can't quite fly. The parents still feed it on the ground. I told the kids to stay in the front yard and leave the bird alone. Meanwhile I've been leaving grapes and raisins on the patio for the parents. I go out once in a while to make sure he's still okay. He camouflages very well in our grass and half the time I walk right past him. Earlier today I went out to look for him and thought I found him dead. I nearly burst into tears right then when I turned and saw him sitting in a tiny little lump behind me. It turns out I found his sibling. It looks like another bird killed it but not a predatory bird since they didn't eat it. So sad. I hope our little guy makes it. There are foxes, skunks, coyotes, snakes, and lizards everywhere. Not to mention domestic cats. Our backyard is a zoo.